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Acupuncture – Community






imgresPOCA or the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture is a multi-stakeholder Coop interested in promoting a business model that provides affordable care to patients and sustainable income for practitioners.

Their vision states:

To make community acupuncture as widely available as possible.

To establish affordable acupuncture training and continuing education programs.

To establish best practices for the operation of sustainable community acupuncture clinics.

To create job stability for community acupuncture employees, staff, and clinic owners.

To build healthy relationships and foster collaboration among our practitioners, staff, patients, and communities.

To establish micro-lending programs, scholarship funds, insurance/benefits programs, and further financial support to POCA members.

To ease entry into the practice of acupuncture and work with legislators to ensure safety and reasonable regulation.

To develop research that is useful to POCA clinics, patients, and practitioners.

To build alliances with organizations that build community and foster sustainable economies.

To sustain POCA as a robust, flourishing cooperative.

If you are interested in joining POCA, learning more, or watching a great documentary film about Community Acupuncture please click HERE!

Poca Tech is an acupuncture school located in Oregon that provides affordable acupuncture education to people who are interested in becoming acupuncturists.

Poca Tech is the brainchild of Lisa Rohleder, Skip Van Meter, and the gang at POCA,  who dreamt of an affordable acupuncture school for up and coming acupuncturists. Many may not know but the typical acupuncture education can cost between$50,000 and $100,000. Once the student graduates they are usually saddled with debt and very little income from their budding businesses. The debt so outweighs their income that many acupuncturists simply cannot support themselves with acupuncture income alone, so they either stop treating all together or get a second jobs to make ends meet. Roughly 75% of all acupuncturists who graduate the rigorous curriculum never last past the first 5 years of treating,  still others never graduate because they run out of money to pay for schooling or for testing fees.

So what can you do to help? Please donate to POCA Tech! If you love acupuncture and you’re interested in helping more acupuncturists get their start then donating to POCA Tech is a great way. POCA Tech’s tuition is about 1/2 to 1/5 the cost of traditional acupuncture schools. It’s all in the interest of creating more punks to bring you more healing without bankrupting you or your punk.

If you are interested in Donating or just learning more about the beautiful things they are doing over in POCA Tech please click HERE!